Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor stormed on to the Japanese TV commercial scene in 2001 with a series of somewhat bizarre/sappy ads for Aeon - an English conversation school.
The sappy ads were followed up by the higher energy ads at far right and below featuring lots of singing and foolishness.The Roots coffee ads (below) appeared in 2002. Mr. McGregor has not been seen in Japanese TV advertising since his red-suited ads ran their course.
The Bobson jeans ad (far right) had a slight overlap in the mid 90s with the Brad Pitt Edwin spots. It came out around the same time Trainspotting was making its rounds in theatres and one can't help but think that the ad is trading on that image a bit. Ewan McGregor is well-known and popular here in Japan now so it makes sense that he is used in such a wide variety of ads.

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