Q: I can't view the clips. What's the deal?

A: You need to download and install the Quicktime plug-in available at Shy of that, I'm sorry I can't help you. (An alert reader has pointed out that MPlayer takes care of .mov files handily on varied Linux distributions.)

Q: Why Quicktime?

A: I don't have to pay royalties as I would in Real Media and I refuse to use Windows media for a number of reasons. Also, the hardware I use is most compatible with QT so I take the path of least resistence. This is only a hobby after all.

Q: Can you send me a copy of the ads on VHS/DVD/VCD/______ (future media here)?

A: I'm sorry I can't. There have been an overwhelming number of requests so, to be consistent and fair, I just have to say no. There's no way to arrange for reimbursement and I'm not going to donate the collection to everyone who asks. The archive is available freely online.

Q: How can I save the ads to my hard drive?

A: There are 3 ways - the 3rd of which is probably easiest. Trick #1 (and I'm not trying to push any sales here) is to buy Quicktime pro. It's probably not worth the $30. Trick #2 (requires some knowledge of HTML - don't laugh at my crap code) is to view the source file, find the link to the clip, cut and paste it into your browser, and save it using your browser. Trick #3 is from alert reader Evan (thank you) I'll quote him so as not to make any mistakes: " It's not difficult to save browser-embedded QuickTime files on a Windows machine at all. You just have to configure QuickTime to "Save movies in disk cache" under Edit, Preferences, QuickTime Preferences, Browser Plug-in. Then, whenever a movie is played, it will store the QuickTime file in the user's temporary Internet files directory. On Windows XP (and probably Windows 2000) machines, that directory is C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. All you have to do is search that directory for .mov files and copy whichever ones you want to another directory for permanent storage. Note that Windows XP's search function defaults to not searching hidden directories (Local Settings and its subdirectories are hidden), so you need to change the check box in the search configuration to do so."

Q: Where's so and so?

A: I upload 'em as I get 'em. Chances are that if they're not on the site, I don't have them. I usually have about 2 months' worth of backlog but, with an upload a week and the frequency of the ads on TV varying, the supply is very unstable and I need to keep a few in stock to keep up the pace.

Q: Where are Leo and Meg?

A: See Both letters were pretty much identical with the law firm being the same but the lawyers being different. If you are a lawyer with expertise in this area and a little time on your hands to write me an email with advice, please do so. (wishful thinking)

Q: Why isn't so and so on the site?

A: We have two basic criteria: Does celebrity X do ads in his/her home country? If so, chances are reduced that he/she will appear in these pages. Is the ad of some comedic value? If so, then, for the amusement of all of us, the ads will likely be posted. We generally don't post ads involving sports heroes. (Tiger Woods immediately comes to mind.) Basically, what strikes us here at is the amount of credibility these actors lose when they do these silly things for money over here.

Q: I run the ______ site. Can I link to your site?

A: Short answer: Yes, of course. Caveat: any "heavy lifting" bandwidth-wise should be hosted/paid for by you. ie If you want to link to/use the video clips, I'd prefer that you store them on your own server and link them from there to save me from exhorbinant charges from my hosting service.

Long Answer: The web is supposed to be a free and open space facilitating the free and open exchange of information. You can and should be able to link to anything you want but, like in any democratic society, we need to be considerate of others. End of rant.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

Short answer: does not collect user data specific to users - just the number of uniques visitors and page hits. Should you email anyone at Japander, your email address will not be passed on to any third party. We don't like SPAM either!!!!


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