Bruce Willis
Above and left: Bruce Willis speaks up for Maki jewellery stores. Above right, left, right and below: Georgia coffee is shilled.
Eneos is one of those corporate tie-ups that lead to the strangest of names. The story unfolds in the ad with the still that says "Move You." (above left) It lends a lot of credibility to the Simpsons Mr. Sparkle episode where a strange corporate tie-up results in a corporate logo that bears a strong resemblance to Homer.
One of the most consistent Japanderers, Bruce Willis has been in ads regularly in Japan since the early 90s. He is second only to Brad Pitt in sheer volume of ads and very close to Jean Reno in the variety department.
The three strange ads for Subaru date back to the early 90s. Incidentally, "Subaru" is the name of a constellation - hence the star-grouping symbol the company uses. It's a toss-up as to which is the weirder drink; Post Water or Pocari Sweat?
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